Carlee's Home Ergo Program


Can't join Carlee in studio? Doing her workouts from home is the next best thing!


Carlee has many years of experience racing at the top level in both Road and Triathlon. Her workouts are inspired by the many training sessions she has had with professional coaches around the world, as well as back home with the AIS.


Carlee is full of enthusiasm and is ready to share her expertise in these new sessions.


Carlee will be in contact via email or by phone within 24 hours of purchase.







1 hit wonder: 


This week's 'bang for your buck' session (just tell us the day you want to do the workout and it will be dropped into your Zwift account).

Want to maximize the benefits you can get from an hour workout, but don't know if this so-called 'secret squirrel training' (aka ergo sessions) is for you?


Or maybe your life is pretty busy, but when you get some free time you want to be able to just hop on the indoor trainer and do a session which will improve your overall fitness and climbing? Well, this is for you!



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The Ergo Home Pack:


6 weeks (@1 session per week) of 'bang for your buck' sessions

Want to start being that person in the bunch that puts the others 'in the box'? Or maybe you want to hold that wheel when your mates hit the base of a climb?


It's amazing the benefits you can get from adding just one structured intensity session to your week, and by the end of this 6-week block, your legs will be the ones doing the talking!

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12 x WORKOUTS $169 AUD



The Gold Medal Factory:

12 weeks, or 6 weeks of 2 sessions per week

If putting others 'in the box' isn't enough, and you want to drop them like they're hot, then this has your name written all over it!


Maybe you're even contemplating pinning a number on your back or are already involved in some racing?


This package not only includes a structured 6-week plan of 2 ergo sessions per week, but also a consultation phone call to make sure we get the biggest gains and have you sucking off helmets from all those you fly past!

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 Nettie & Carlee's Complete Coaching Plans 



Custom made day-to-day plans:


A personalised program (including ergo workouts and road rides). 


→ An introductory phone call to talk about your goals and objectives

→ Once weekly contact to see how you are coping with the workload


→ Data analysis via Training Peaks.








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