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Group Training at Ergo


Indoor group training


Our sessions will have you smashing PBs in no time. Catering for cyclists of all abilities, our workouts are specifically dialled-in to your individual Functional Threshold Power (FTP) numbers to ensure optimal training intensity. New workouts are introduced each week — see the current program.

Because of Ergo's unique technology every session can cater for everyone, even a pro cyclist is guaranteed a good workout!

Group sessions are run throughout the working week, with additional training and testing sessions offered during off-peak periods and inclement weather. You’re not locked into a particular session or day each week. Our flexible booking system allows you to pick and choose sessions that suit you!


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Session packages


2 sessions for $35!

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Valid for 2 weeks only, one purchase per customer, not valid with any other offer. Session credits fully transferrable.

Ergo gift cards

Give a unique gift to the cycling fanatic(s) in your life with an Ergo gift card!


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SpinErgo Unlimited

UNLIMITED sessions! $50 per week subscription for 12 months.

You'll soon be blowing the bunch to bits thanks to our premium package which gives you unlimited sessions — you can visit as many times as you like. Your competition won’t know what’s hit them.

Spin Unlimited

Unlimited ErgoSpin sessions! $50 per-week subscription for 12 months.

Come once, twice, or twenty times a week for unlimited fun (and maybe just a little bit of suffering).


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Spin Ergo Session Credits

Our sessions are designed by some of the world's leading coaches and are optimised for maximum performance — made even better when you're able to analyse and track all your workouts with our state-of-the-art software and facilities.

One hour of our indoor sessions is equivalent to two hours on the road. During these sessions, we'll help you with pedal balance, pedalling technique and smoothness, as well as bike positioning and posture. All data is recorded. We can even link your Strava, Training Peaks and Today's Plan accounts for instant upload after the session.


Our sessions are open to all: riders who are new to cycling, or riders simply seeking a spin class with a difference.

Credits can be used for all sessions on the schedule, but spaces are limited so be sure to book well in advance to guarantee your spot.


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1 x SESSIONS $29



Swing by the Ergo studio for a casual spin at any time with our 1 session purchase option.

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8 x SESSIONS $209



Learn to climb like Carlee Taylor and Rigo Uran, or sprint like Caleb Ewen and Chloe Hosking. Accelerate your fitness, fast, with our 8-session package that will have dishing out plenty of pain to the bunch in no time.





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12 x SESSIONS $299



Reach lofty new peaks in your fitness, consolidate your gains, and surpass your expectations. Our 12-session package will have you climbing hills like a mountain goat and driving hard on a flat bunch ride. Headwind? What headwind?


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24 x SESSIONS $549



You will be blowing the bunch to bits with our premium package which gives you 24 sessions. Your competition won’t know what’s hit them!

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Carlee Taylor's High-Performance Program


Ergo is delighted to welcome recently-retired (but still super-humanly strong) professional cyclist Carlee Taylor as a coach at Ergo.


Carlee has more than a decade of experience racing internationally at the top pro level in both road racing and triathlon. Her sessions are inspired by the many training sessions she has had with professional coaches around the world, as well as back home with the AIS.


Carlee is full of enthusiasm and is ready to share her expertise in these new, exciting, and entertaining (you'll see) sessions.


See available classes on the schedule



Performance Testing at Ergo


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Lactic Threshold


Vo2 Max


Haematocrit (or packed cell volume) relates to the number of available red blood cells your body has available to effectively distribute oxygen throughout your muscles. 

Our powerful Haematological analyser can deliver results in 25 seconds (not even time for a cup of tea). Compare your haematocrit with the pros and continue to monitor your haematological parameters to evaluate the effectiveness of your training regime. 


Our superior lactate analyser delivers accurate results in 10 seconds, resulting in optimum training programs and avoiding inefficient training exercises.


Our VO2 Max tests are measured with a state-of-the-art metabolic analyser. Results are obtained in 'millilitres of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight.' 

This test is considered the best indicator of an athlete's cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. It's such an effective indicator that some athletes have even been offered pro contracts based almost solely on an outrageously high VO2 Max test result.  

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Solo FTP Testing


Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test/Pedalling efficiency test: a test which measures your power output over a specified time. FTP can be used to measure progress in your fitness over time and help optimise your training in the studio.


You can choose between a 20-minute test, or opt for a longer and slightly more accurate 60-minute test. Pedal smoothness and efficiency can also be measured during this test (please notify us before session if you wish for this data to be recorded). Please allow for 10–15 minutes set-up and pack-up.


This booking is for individual FTP testing at custom times not listed on the schedule. We are able to run FTP testing in any group session by using standard session credit.


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Custom sessions

Want something specific? Or maybe you've seen something exciting that we don’t currently offer. Have a chat with us in the studio and we’ll do our best to create a custom session finetuned to your requirements.



Personal Training and Coaching

We work hard to offer comprehensive support to all our athletes during group and solo sessions. However, nothing beats having your own personal coach to direct your workout from start to finish. Check our Other Services for more information on Ergo certified coaching services.




Gift cards

Give a unique gift to the cycling fanatic(s) in your life with an Ergo gift card!


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Customise your session


Want something specific? Or maybe you've seen something exciting that we don’t currently offer.

Have a chat with us in the studio and we’ll do our best to create a custom session, fine-tuned to your requirements. Contact us


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